Carvetti's Lunch & Dinner Party Buffets

BBQ Buffet: 100% pure beef burgers, brats, grilled chicken breast,  Mac -n- Cheese, baked beans, and corn.  Includes buns, condiments, & cheese.     $15.95

Italian Buffet:  Pasta of choice (spaghetti, mostaccioli with tomato sauce, etc.) Lettuce salad with 2 dressings on the side, choice of sausage, meatballs or a combination of both, and dinner rolls.   $14.95

Pig Roast Buffet: Our slow roasted pork served with BBQ sauce on the side, buns,  Mac -n- Cheese, baked beans and green salad with 2 dressings.     $15.95

Fish Fry Buffet:  Lightly breaded cod fish, Mac -n- Cheese, corn, choice of boiled potatoes or French fries, coleslaw and dinner rolls.  $16.95

Basta Pasta Buffet:  Your choice of pasta with tomato sauce, bread, and green salad with 2 dressings of your choice.  $10.95

Pizza Buffet:  Your choice of thin, deep dish, or stuffed with choice of toppings, lettuce salad, and mostaccioli in red sauce.  $15.95

Broasted Chicken Buffet:  Broasted chicken with mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuits, corn, and Mac -n- Cheese.  $17.95

Appetizers: select any 3 items from our appetizer menu for just $3.95 per person (min. of 10 people)

Side Items:
Green leaf lettuce salad add $2.25 per person includes choice of 2 dressings
Corn on the cob add $2.50 per person includes butter
Pasta with sauce $3 per person
Shut the Front Door Mac -n- Cheese $3 per person
Mashed potatoes & gravy $2.50 per person

Baked potatoes with all the toppings $2 per person

Fruit salad with 5 seasonal fruits  $3 per person

We also offer entrees such as lasagna, raviolis, boiled fish, and many others! Please let us know and we will accommodate you.

All kids 10 and under are $9.95 and will be served chicken fingers or corn dogs with French fries. Kids under 3 years are always free.

We do not serve dessert here at the restaurant but we do allow you to bring in any packaged cookies, sweets and cakes.   We ask that if your going to bring in a dessert that you supply small disposable plates so the dessert can be plated for your guests.

Decorations are allowed and we will gladly assist you in hanging them.  Please keep in mind that in the summer on the weekends we have a 30 minute window between parties so time is of essence.  We do helium balloons in bunches of 3 balloons with ribbons for $3 per bunch.


We do not allow any outside beer, wine, liquor, juice or soft drinks to be brought in and consumed onsite. This is a violation of our license and insurance.  It has been our experience that you do not offer shots or bombs as part of your package.  If someone want to order a round of shots that is something that will have to be paid from them.
Option A.  OPEN BAR:   Open bar with your choice of DRINKS.  Guest will be able to order any drinks that you have instructed us to serve.  An example being only beer & wine or beer, wine and rail drinks.  The bar will keep a running tab on all drinks served and will be given to you at the end of the party.   Many people will offer an open bar for the first hour and a half  then go to a cash bar to finish the evening.

Option  B. DRINK TICKETS  We also offer individual drink tickets good for whatever DRINKS you choose. Bartenders WILL ring up whatever drink is ordered and the host gets the final bill.  This  limits the amount of drinks per person. A cash bar will be available if guests do not have any more tickets.  An example is if your having a party for 30 people and you want to limit everyone to have 2 drinks.  We would give you 60 tickets and you would pass out 2 tickets to each person as they arrive.  The bartenders will be instructed to make each person aware what they can redeem that ticket for.  You are then assured that you will not be accountable for anything more than 60 drinks. 
Option C.  Cash bar:  where guests pay for their own drinks. We do have an ATM and its a good idea to make your guests aware of this so they come prepared. 
Option D:  Keg beer:   Kegs are $250 for 1/4 barrel and usually will serve 75-80 drink. This is only for 1 select beer.  This does however offer you another option of serving the keg beer for the set price and then adding wine or mixed drinks and having them added to a separate bar tab.
Keep in mind that for most wedding rehearsal dinner parties guests usually keep their drinking to a minimum because they are planning for the busy next day. 

Booking is a first come basis and dates fill up fast in the spring & summer so book early to reserve your spot.  All parties require a $100 deposit fee that will be applied to your final bill.  This amount is non-refundable if party is booked between May 1st and September 1st unless another party requests the date & time.  We accept a credit card over the phone or a check 30 days before the party date.  Payment after the party must be cash or credit card.  Checks will not be accepted for final payment.

We ask that you let us know 72 hours in advance of your party how many adults and kids under 10 will be attending so we can order products and be prepared.  You will be charged for that total plus any additional guests that come.  Our managers will take a head count and will let you know the final amount after the party.

All parties will be charged an 18% gratuity and a 5.5% Wisconsin sales tax.

Patio rental is $200 for 3 hours of private use of our outdoor patio.  This is only for Friday and Saturday evenings in the summer.  Other days of the week and dates after labor day have no rental fee.  There maybe a rental fee for the indoor dining areas and can be discussed at time of booking.

Tents are available from area rental companies.  Our patios can hold a 25 x 40 & 35 x 50 size tent in case of rain.  Most companies need to know 4 days in advance if you are going to want a tent.  Rentals are between $200-$300 and can be lower if there are other parties scheduled that day before or after your party.  We will try and split up the costs to keep it at a minimum.  

If you have further questions or concerns please contact the owners directly at    We are more than happy to assist in making your party the best it can be.  We strive for it!